Sunday best: Catching up

Yesterday, I got up early and went to the farmer's market. I bought duck and goose eggs from the Mennonite farmer and a scone from Nuala, the Irish baker. I was in one of my more pensive moods, but I enjoyed the chilly day and chatting to people around the market and at the coffee shop.

When I got home, I worked on my kitchen and cleaned the rest of my apartment. There's a lot of prep work involved with my old walls. But all my spackling and sanding is finally done and I'm ready to prime and paint. I don't think I'll get to that today though.

Today, I've got chores to do and friends to catch up with, which I'm looking forward to. In all honesty, I could really do with another day this weekend. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all that's going on right now. Even when it's positive, change can be hard for me. I tend to look for a rhythm in my days and when things are in transition, I find myself feeling on edge.

So, I'll keep today simple. Once my chores and visits are done, I'm looking forward to a big bath and Sunday TV shows (I couldn't care less about Oscars). I'll cross my fingers for a good sleep—they're usually elusive on Sunday nights. And then, just like that, the last weekend of February will slip through my fingers.

I hope your day is a lovely one!

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