Hooray for Friday and a long weekend! I only found out yesterday that it's a holiday weekend... poor orphan immigrants like me don't have much use for Family Day, but I'll happily add another day to my weekend.

I came home full of nervous energy one day after work and ripped down my kitchen backsplash tiles. It's one of those projects I'd been mulling but hadn't landed firmly on. I would love new countertops and a tiled backsplash. But the wall needs spackling regardless and once that's done (with renter's reasoning) I'll probably just settle on paint.

It was a busy work week and I found myself unable to switch gears in the evening and do normal things. I so missed yoga! I'm hoping to go to lots of classes this weekend. And with my busy week, I also found myself behind on blog and book reading. So my weekend will have a healthy dose of both.

I did love these photos by Nicole Franzen this week. There are so many people doing amazing work in food and still life photography, I confess it sometimes melds together in my brain. But Nicole's work always carries a distinct and singular beauty all her own.

Margot wrote a moving post about interviewing and being influenced by Lillian Bassman. And I was also moved by this Irish Times story about David Kelly, who I had a huge soft spot for. I only wish I had seen his Krapp!

Can you believe February is already nearly over? You guys, it will be spring in no time!

Have a great weekend!
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