A rather disjointed five days - a little head cold threw me off my normal rhythm and left me feeling sensitive, feeling suddenly crummy about lots of different things and thinking too much about the past. I redeemed my week last night, though, going for a hot chocolate after work and then a long stroll. I walked fast up the hill, enjoying the exertion after two days of sniffles. Tonight, I'll go to yoga and stretch it all out.

I appreciate all comments on my posts, but I want to especially thank those who take the time to formulate responses to my more reflective posts, poetry etc. I know that it takes longer to wrap words around those kinds of ideas and I know (or at least I feel it when commenting on those kinds of posts other blogs) that it can feel like there's more pressure attached to those kinds of comments. So, I'm really grateful when readers take the time.

I also had a little guest-post this week over on (another) Jane's blog. She asked me to share 10 things I can't live without. I decided to focus on the micro, feeling like the big things are a given and that the little things that fill out our lives shouldn't be trivialized, even if they're pretty, material sorts of things. You can read the post here, and thanks to Jane for having me!

I want to congratulate Hila on her magnificent achievement this week: She finished her book and submitted it to her publisher and it has officially entered production. I can only imagine the sheer cathartic elation of this huge feat. Hila's blog is one I have profound respect and affection for, so I'm just chuffed for her in every way. I'm also chuffed for Anabela and Geoff, who worked on the latest Scout & Catalogue and did such a wonderful job. Their talent is boundless.

And that's me for the week. Have a good weekend, friends!
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