Don't you feel better now it's February? I know I do.

January ended on a good note though; a pretty snow storm and an e-mail letting me know I've won a first prize Canadian Web blog Award for Writing & Literature, which was a very pleasant surprise.

The snow has all melted now (it evaporated that very same afternoon) and it's abundantly and alarmingly spring-like here. I have to say, earlier on I missed winter, but I'm rolling with this weather now - happy to think about frocks and flimsier shoes (there were lilacs for sale at the grocery store last night!)

I'm yearning for easy intimate days. But I've got bigger fish to fry with work that's hoarding my attention, leaving me spent most days. If I get through the next few weeks, hopefully I'll be rewarded with some of those sweeter days at the end of it.

The loveliest thing by far on my blogosphere this week was this house wedding on Miss Moss. If I ever got married I would like it to be this domestic and sweet with dogs on laps and pies in the oven. Also, if you liked Hila's new year poem as much as I did, you'll be happy to know it's been turned into a print. Get yours here.

I loved this post on Leslie Williamson's blog, not just because I share her love of Francesca Woodman (I always admired her small scale prints, that drawing you into a one-on-one exchange between artwork and percipient). But also because I was still thinking about identification this week after writing about Maeve Brennan. And I liked this take on it.

All this week I was too daydreamy and distracted to be much good to anyone, least of all to be productive in my free time. I seemed mostly to flip between escapist fantasies and fretful "shoulding", neither good productive places to be. I hope to get back on track this weekend, but also to buy flowers and spend a little time gazing out of windows.

Have a lovely weekend!
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