In the next fortnight, I expect my bed to finally be delivered. It seems like ages ago that I went to Ethan Allen to help me make a final fabric selection. The fabric I settled on is the one you can see on this bench on their website. It's very neutral, but has a bit of sparkle with a metallic thread running through it.

My own bedroom, as the decorating cliche goes, is the room I tend most to neglect. When I purchase new accessories or artwork, I usually want them on show in my living room. And so my bedroom has never had the dedicated love it deserves. I hope this purchase will put me on the path to correcting that.

When I saw this bedroom on Skona Hem's website, I immediately felt cozy and relaxed and wanted to emulate the atmosphere of it. The books, the lights, the layered textiles all drew me in. And I love the touches of rose, my colour of the moment, as you all well know. This bedroom seems pretty and cozy without being cloying.

Image: Skona Hem
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