Sunday best: Welcome back, winter

After a ridiculously mild few weeks, winter is back in Toronto. Finally, we can stop whining about how unseasonably warm it is and start complaining about the cold. All is right with the world once again!

My weekend has been a fun one, celebrating Laura's birthday, treating myself to just about the best pain au chocolate I've ever tasted. Today will be quieter. I'll bundle up and head out for a brisk walk, do Sunday chores, go to yoga and finish a story I've been working on...

The weather changes the atmosphere of the city. People linger for longer, puffing and clapping hands when they step inside, letting everybody know just how cold it is. Ritualized little conversations recur. Everybody says they're glad it's really winter now, but simultaneously damns the cold. I like it all lots and happily go through the motions with checkout girls and people in the coffee shop.

Still, the cold leaves me feeling raw and needing comfort. It's funny how we craved that feeling just last week. How important it seems to Canadians to be pushed to these extremes. And how quickly I've become used to that; I know seasons would be top of the list of things I'd miss if I moved back to Ireland. Today, when it's my turn to puff and shudder, blow into my hands, I'll try to remember that.

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