Sunday best: At home

What a strange winter we're having in Toronto.

It's hard to commit to the day, I find, when the elements are so shifty. Yesterday I found myself sitting at my desk and I couldn't keep my eyes off the sky. One minute hurling snow at my window, the next pink-tinged and cloud-chasing as Hopkins' Pied Beauty.

Today, regardless of the elements, I'm hunkering down indoors. I have a a difficult job to battle my way through. And although it won't take long, I know it will take fits and starts to get going. I'll probably tidy my whole apartment before I can settle into it.

Once I finish my work and hit the send button, I'll be able to relax a little. I'll sit sideways in my favourite chair, my legs dangling over the arm, a book on my lap and a cup of tea, steam curling, near me.

Things have been tough this month and yesterday I really felt the full force of all that's happened bearing down on me. I've been fighting admitting how tough, how disappointing it's been. And the week ahead is already looming, promising to compound all that's gone before. But Sunday, Sunday is a day to push that to the back, if only for a short moment.

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