I don't go in much for the gift guides and gift-giving isn't really a big thing with my friends and family. But I do permit myself a few reckless treats this time of year and even a few unrealistic daydreams.

Mostly I delight in little luxuries like treating myself to a scented candle (4) or some sweet lingerie (11). Of course there are books (2), (10) and the new edition of Brick magazine (5) is always a happy purchase for me. A decadent tea (6) and a few pieces to add to my Heath collection (7) also make for domestic bliss.

The only thing I bought in New York was some perfume. But I love fragrance and a Byredo scent (9) is also on my wishlist right now. And I've been obsessively watching make-up videos and am dying to play with few new products (3) and buy new brushes. For clothes, I'm always, always happy with a new scarf (1).

But, more than anything else, I'm daydreaming about friends coming to visit and having the freedom to travel to them too. And about trips up north or to the mountains in good company. Lots and lots of flights (8) would really make 2012 a grand year.
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