Winter beauty essentials

Canadian winters do a real number on my skin. When I was in England in the autumn I stocked up on Eve Lom's cleanser. It's one of those products that makes me a little evangelical and, of course, is impossible to get here. I think it's effective mostly because it forces you to give yourself a little massage and that, as much as the product itself, is a wonderful regime.

I'm usually loathe to recommend beauty products; I find it's such a subjective thing and I'm never 100% happy with my own skin anyway. But these are ones I really enjoy using. L'Occitane's shea butter is permanently on my bedside table and goes on elbows and knees, feet and hands. The handcream from This Works lives on my desk; its fragrance is a little pick-me-up from computer fatigue.

Rodin's Olio Lusso smells like hyacinths and is incredible softening. And I'm now at an age where I need some serious eye cream and I'm trying this one from Dior. Nude's lip gloss is a new product that I'm loving, but I'm a jezebel about lip glosses so don't expect me to stay faithful. What are your winter beauty faves?
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