Sunday best: Winter wandering

I did some fun gallivanting this weekend. A little spending, but mostly browsing and people-watching. I walked around the streets and felt in a little bit of a fantasy daze, made my way to coffee shops to sit and watch and relax.

I generally hate crowds and especially that panicked atmosphere of desperate shopping. But the streets this weekend have been more cheerful than that, I mostly saw people, like me, picking out a small thing or two, enjoying being out in it.

Afterwards, I came home and made wreaths, tidied and did laundry. I read for a while and watched a movie, iced my still-sore ankle and made a hot chocolate. The temperature has dropped right down and I was happy to be reading this:

"...a taste for winter, a love for winter vistas—a belief that they are as beautiful and seductive in their own way, and as essential o the human spirit and the human soul as any summer scene—is part of the modern condition. Wallace Stevens, in his poem "The Snow Man," called this new feeling "a mind of winter," and he identified it with our new acceptance of a world without illusions, our readiness to live in a world that might have meaning but that doesn't have God. A mind of winter, a mind for winter, not sensing the season as a loss of warmth and light, and with them hope of life and divinity, but ready to respond to it as a positive, and even purifying, presence of something else—the beautiful and peaceful, yes, but also the mysterious, the strange, the sublime—is a modern taste."
- Adam Gopnik, Winter, p.3

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