Sunday best: Theatrical

Back in early autumn, I found out that the Gate Theatre's production of Krapp's Last Tape was New York-bound and I jumped on tickets and a flight on a whim.

I have a habit of making spontaneous trips to New York for Beckett productions (last time I went down was for Baryshnikov in the Beckett shorts). But this production is more than a whim. I saw the original at The Gate over a decade ago and it has remained in my memory as the most amazing theatre I've experienced. I could be hyperbolic about it, it was that sublime. And the opportunity to see it a second time, even to risk that original experience, was beyond resistance.

But, as if that isn't enough, on the same day I'm taking in a performance of Misterman starring Cillian Murphy. I read the reviews of this when it was playing in Galway and rued not being there. I only learned it has also traveled to New York on Thursday last week. But I still jumped on it and got some of the last matinee tickets. It's going to be an intense day of amazing theatre!

My trip is otherwise brief and I'm not going to try to cram in much more. I'll do a quick whizz around some shops, eat some tasty things and maybe wave at the MoMA deKooning exhibit. I hop back to Toronto on Monday afternoon and will have a quiet evening to process all I've seen and wish I could live more permanently in that sublime aesthetic state. Alas, I'll be back in my cubicle on Tuesday.

P.S. If you're a Beckett fan and can't get to see this production, it was also filmed by Atom Egoyan for the Beckett on Film series.

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