I’m so happy for Friday and for December!

There’s something in me that gets really excited about endings. When people leave, when relationships are over, when the year winds down. I find it strangely invigorating, uplifting even. The prospect of a fresh start, even in sometimes sad and frustrating circumstances, picks me up. So, the end of the year is something I look forward to. I feel it’s a time when I can more easily let go of things that aren’t working, when I can formulate new plans and feel optimistic about them.

And of course, December is such a beautiful month... The lights, the first snow, the smells; I’m susceptible to it all. And although I’m into neither the religion nor the extreme consumerism of Christmas, I love the sensual delights of the season, the time we take to adorn our streets and homes, to share food and hang boughs. In winter’s bleakness, it’s a defiant move, to make the world richly warm and bright, to add layers of spice and citrus, evergreen and beeswax.

In the last week, I’ve developed some new rituals. I’ve been going for a coffee or tea after work, sitting and reading before going to my home and facing all the things I need to do. I pull out a book and watch the street. Rush hour is in progress and people hustle by with grocery bags and their subway face on, their sole focus getting home to whoever they're sharing that meal with, or maybe just to be alone.

I’m usually one of those people, but that twenty minutes or so pulls me out of it and I relax in the hoi polloi. And then I want to look up and around, to see whatever small thing catches my notice, instead of hastening home with my head down. The people I notice the most are the quiet ones, the ones who move about the world as if they're in their own space. I understand them more than the players and the grandstanders. Those who can be quiet and alone out in public sometimes share so much more than all those talkers...

Happy weekend!
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