Festive start

Tartans and plaids always feel festive! I tend to stay away from the bolder tartans and instead gravitate towards more muted blues and greys, softer shades of red mixed with brown. And, of course, it's the time of year for shortbread and hot toddies, for tweedy and woolly things, blankets and scarves.

A touch of tartan here and there cozies up the place and kicks off Christmas decorating, which is a gradually unfolding process in my house. Slowly, greenery will be added; garlands, wreaths and bulbs of paperwhites. And finally, fairy lights and shiny things.

I'm looking forward to the building gently to it Christmas, spacing it all out over the next four weeks, taking on a little project in the evening or over the weekend and registering the fun of it all. I'm not one to work myself into a tizzy over these things, to turn it all into hard labour. I'll share a lot of it with friends and we'll make merry as it all progresses.

Happy December!

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