Donkeyschön & Happy Holidays!

Many of you know that for the last five years I've used to proceeds from my blog to sponsor a donkey at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, on behalf of my blog readers. As I parted with advertisers in 2011, I dipped into the Coterie coffers for this year's donation.

It makes me happy to do this, not least because I love animals in general and donkeys in particular so very much. But, even more, because I'm grateful to the people who spend time on my blog, who read the words and appreciate the endeavour of not simply creating a blog with images to be pinned, but words and ideas to be considered. And so, every year, this is a moment and gesture to thank you for that.

Today is my last day of blogging until the other side of Christmas. Last night, I was reading, tucked into the corner of my couch. I loved being there, the smell of boxwood and the twinkle of fairy lights and I was cozy in my favourite sweater, sipping tea and experiencing that sense of falling through a page, catapulting word to word that you only feel when you're reading something really good. I hope you have similar moments of simple contentment over your holidays. And, if you're lucky enough to meet one, a donkey to hug.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Image via The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada on Facebook.
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