Sunday best: Subdued

I woke up this morning feeling happy, but subdued. I could hear the rain before I got up and knew I had slept later than I normally do. But for a moment, I sank deeper into the covers, stretched out beneath them, pushing the duvet down with my feet, giving myself another five minutes. Until I slowly emerged and decided to get up.

My apartment is so dark this morning and I've lit candles instead of turning on lights. In a little bit, I'll blow them out and stand over each one until that last wisp curls up, watching the candle spark out. And then I'll shower and put on layers of wool and walk to the coffee shop in the rain.

Something about the weather and my mood makes me want to shroud myself in these subdued shades of green and brown and grey and move around the world quietly.  I've been waiting for a day like this to start reading Vol 2 of Sam's letters, so I'll do just that. Beyond that I haven't thought. It's likely I'll read something in those letters that sparks me in a new direction. And so, I'll just let it unfurl in that easy way.

Happy Sunday!

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