Late November is a great inhalation before the end of the year.

In the last two weeks, I've been going through my own year-end checklist; seeing GP and dentist, optometrist. I've patted myself on the back when congratulated on my flossing and how wise I am to take Vitamin D. And I let go of those minor fits of hypochondria I'm sometimes prone to, when left to my own devices in a dark room at night.

I feel like that's all there is to be done right now. Apart from holiday hoopla, there's mostly a whole lot of coasting until the year end. We're waiting for that first snow, gauging the probability of it every day. In the meantime, might as well tick some things on to-do lists, give myself that magical feeling of a long-delayed chore finally accomplished, the reassurance of experts.

This weekend, I'll read and write mostly. And I'll work out too. Now that the silly 30-day challenge is over, I'm back to loving yoga again (and guess what, I've gone nearly every day, which just shows that sometimes throwing down the gauntlet at yourself is not constructive and looser reins can yield better results).

For those of you giving thanks, have a happy one. The rest of you; you're off the hook, feel free to wallow in ingratitude and disgruntlement! And to all, have a great weekend!

P.S. I added some new notebooks to the shop and there's still an free gift with all textile purchases!
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