A topsy-turvy week, the full moon, as always, throwing me for a loop.

But first, a little bit of shop business: Right now, with any textile purchase, I'm offering a free gift of Coastal Sage soap and Sweetgrass incense, while supplies last. The textile section of Coterie is chockful of cozy favourites, so it's a good time to indulge or stash away a future gift!

Tomorrow is the last day of my 30-day yoga challenge. I'm so glad! I've done 27 classes in the last 30 days. The challenge was impossible from a scheduling standpoint. Only a week in, I regretted putting such a regimented structure on something like yoga, but felt committed so didn't want to stop trying.

I've been very nesty of late. Not in the way I often am - where I look around and see only things to be improved upon. But in the sense that I'm enjoying being at home, look forward to turning on the lights when I get in every night. I love the look of The Locals from this post on Miss Moss; it fills me with the same kind of feeling. I was also smitten with the work of Jazmin Berakha as soon as I saw it on All the Mountains.

This weekend, I'm entertaining some friends and writing, probably staying local and quiet. The work I'm doing leaves me feeling fragile and spent, but that's just the nature of it, the isolation of writing. It's what I need to do right now, though my mind sometimes wanders to other wishes and wanderlust, as is its perpetual wont. O, my unquietable mind!

Have a happy weekend!
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