Work slammed me again this week. But I did manage to take a lieu day for worked weekends on Wednesday. I spent that day doing the kind of apartment cleaning you don't get to do on a weekend (or if you do, you do nothing else). And I made appointments with the dentist, optometrist and doctor—finding the actual making of appointments the hardest part.

But much as I know I'm busy, I also feel like I'm pulling back from the internet a bit right now. I know we all go through these phases, when the blogosphere loses it's shine, when there's too much stuff, too little reflection. And I find I want to just write these days and not have to think about watering down my words down with pictures, making it all blog-presentable.

There's also a little hangover from my trip home: I loved just spending easy time with my friends. And since I've got back, I've wanted to do the same with my friends here. I'm really in favour of those moments being uncaptured, left unblogworthy. And some days it seems like whole lives are styled for future blog posts, children coiffed and apartments propped just so. A big part of me rolls my eyes at all of it.

I feel like so many blogs have become just as premeditated as a magazine spread. I really appreciate the talent that goes into conjuring that—it's like spinning a gorgeous fairytale. But, the reality, the individuality is slipping farther away. I wonder how readers are really hooking this up to their lives. And I feel like they're more likely to 'pin' a flower arrangement, outfit or recipe than try to recreate it. That seems like a particularly polarizing way of inspiring.

Of course, all of these feelings are cyclical for me. And if there's a season to feel a bit jaded from it all, it's this one; my inbox bombarded with a US holiday that happened in October for us Canadians and with gift and decor ideas I'm not ready to think about. I just need to back away from it all a little and then I'll find a new way to come at it.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, an extra hour in bed. You doing anything special? I hope it's fantastic!

Photo, my own. More here.
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