Sunday best: Happy Halloween!

I have a proclivity to think that anything named "Jane" is designed for me. I mean me personally, deliberately and solely. I know this is not true. But when I see Jane, I think "mine!" (As an aside, I think it's incredibly cruel of companies to name things Jane that (a) they're not going to give to me and (b) that I cannot afford.)

Well, this blouse is Jane and also it's rusty orange, which I recall was my resolution colour for the fall. And it's Halloween, so what would I be doing at all if I failed to include a bit of pumpkin in today's Sunday best?

Yesterday, I was under-dressed for the cold. I'm in denial about the weather and refuse to wear a coat still. I walked down to Harvest Wagon and saw a girl wearing snowboots and I gave her feet a "you're batshit crazy" look. Then, I looked up and noticed she was staring at my sockless, moccasined feet with the same expression. Hm.

But when it comes to food, I can definitely get into the right season. St. Peter's Ale? Indeed. Chanterelle mushrooms, fingerling potatoes, blue cheese? My grocery bag yesterday was full of happy-making stuff. I made dinner with friends two nights in a row, drank warm drinks and relaxed.

Hope your Halloween is happy-making too!

Products: Dracula by Bram Stoker | Jane blouse by Whit from Steven Alan | Citizens of Humanity Elson jeans from Net-a-Porter | Pumpkins via | Workwear Biker Boot from Madewell | Signet ring from Conroy & WilcoxVictory Wolf from Olo Fragrance | Martha Cabled Wristwarmers from Toast
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