I was stretched thin this week, scraped over the days and it wasn't nice.

But there were some uplifting moments. Hila included me in this post and made my day. It's always a different experience seeing my photos on another's blog and intriguing to see what they choose too. And Hila wrote kind words and I admire her so much I was a little blown away and that made the week better. Please visit her blog here, if you don't already. I know you'll love it.

But I feel like I've missed Ontario fall this year! Maybe it hasn't been as golden as usual? There's still lots of green on the trees, but the skies are heavy and grey. Where are all those clear blue days filtered through red and golden leaves? I see pictures of days like these on other blogs, especially Nadia's and Aran's, and I feel that I've missed my favourite time of year.

Instead, I looked at the sky the other night and actually thought "snow" and I looked down at my feet as I walked to work and thought about those tentative first steps on icy sidewalks. I get nervous every year at the prospect! But then part of me craves the change and constant momentum of the seasons. And when I was at home, I bragged about Canada's seasons and how nice it is to measure the year so reliably.

But since it is still officially fall, I shouldn't be going on about winter. Instead, here's one lovely post for apple-picking season and  Jill's gorgeous home always makes me feel snuggled and warm. This Apple and Lancashire Cheese pie sounds delicious for a fall / Halloween feast (the calories scare me though). And I'll surely be carving a pumpkin this year (some of my past endeavours here and here).

I've been living in a pretty inchoate state these days, feeling so much, not quite able to wrap my words around those feelings. Full of vague hope and a growing sense of change within me, meetings and partings, some difficult and some full of joy. And tiredness and energy in their combustible mix; wanting to do so much, but feeling the doing must be taken slowly, that there must be pacing for it to turn out well.

Here's too a slow-paced weekend. Happy Halloween!

Photo, my own. More here.
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