Oh, I didn't like this week at all, at all. I overscheduled myself and the days just didn't roll smoothly. I clunked through it with bouts of energy and bigger bouts of utter exhaustion. And, to top it off, I've committed to this 30-day yoga challenge, so every day I crammed in whatever class worked and I ended up doing way more hot yoga than any human should.

But, it's Friday and there's always that. And my weekend, beyond yoga, looks blissfully unscheduled, so I finally have the time to write I've been craving. In the madness of this week, I also started to think about scaling way back on some things, but those cuts are difficult so I'm just adjusting to the idea of them for now.

Around this time of year, I also start thinking about what I want to get done before the new year. I always like to set myself up for an optimistic new year rather than with a reproachful list of resolutions. I think I'll have a few lean months, take a break from spending and build up some savings. My desire to spend is pretty diminished these days anyway, so hopefully it's easy to move in that direction.

Some pretty posts: Inspiration from Anabela and a perfect day over on Pennyweight. I liked things that go together too. And some things worth reading: About the de Kooning exhibit (worth seeing too, if you can!) And I was late buying this, but a new Billy Collins collection always makes me smile. Finally, if you happen to like Mr. Beckett as much as I do, you might also like Flann and spend some fun time here.

What are you up to this weekend? I hope it's a lovely one.

Photo, my own. More here.
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