Every day this week, I've been thinking to myself, "this day last week..." But my trip is already taking on a hue of unreality and the distance between here and home is widening again, much as I'm willing it not to.

Still, something's changed. I'm questioning some of what I do. I want more room for people, writing and plain fun. Ireland felt a million miles away from the blog world. And it all looks different to me now I'm back. What this ultimately means, I don't know. I'm still finding my feet beneath me.

I guess this is all good. Before I went away, I knew I really needed this break. I've felt for a long time that my days are too tightly strung, that I'm doing too much. But I couldn't see what had to give or how it could give. I feel now that it's okay to walk away, to sleep in, to not blog, to be light. So, I'm rolling with that...

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Photo, my own. More here.
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