Brad Kunkle

In my internet wanderings, I come across many beautiful works of art. Still, it's always a special moment when something strikes you with full force at in a very visceral way. And it's even more rare when an artwork does that but also engages your mind.

The minute I saw Brad Kunkle's work, I thought of Klimt, which is not surprising given his use of gold and silver leaf and these women suspended in their swirling, shimmering backgrounds. I also thought about the famous Ophelia by John Everett Millais.

But beyond all of that, I was deeply moved. It felt like a pressure on my chest, my reaction to these paintings, light and heavy, enveloped and smothered. These paintings capture transcendence and tragedy. I am in love.

All paintings by Brad Kunkle, specifically: The Boundary (2010), Third Sleep (2010), Alchemy of Sleep (2010)
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