Sunday best: Bursting into fall

It's been an errand-running weekend.

I finally joined the ranks of adult travelers and bought myself some luggage with wheels. I have very mixed feelings about this. It's funny the things I have clung to from my youth. My silly backpack was one. Even the fact I'm about to tell you how unpractical it had become galls me in a way.

On a conflict-free note, I bought myself some new sunglasses too and a book to read on the plane. I started reading it over yesterday's coffee and am in love. Sebastian Barry can break your heart in a paragraph and I'm not exaggerating in the slightest.

And the weekend weather was perfection. I felt myself springing about, breaking into little runs to pass dawdling shoppers. And I started and stopped, bursting with frenetic activity one way, then another. I know I need to settle down and go in a straight line, but I'm too excited.

Now the weather really feels like fall, not just a cooler summer day. And the heat has come on in my building, sending dust motes up into the air, swirling eddies that get caught in the sunlight. And I can reach for a scarf and even some boots in the mornings.

And so, just like that, our world has burst into fall.

Products: Raindrop beret from Coterie | YSL mascara from Sephora | J Brand 814 jeans from Net-a-Porter | Brick House from Deborah Lippmann | Fleur d'Oranger from Le Labo | Wool sweater tee from L.L. Bean Signature | Belstaff Barkmaster leather boots from Net-a-Porter | Ruby rose necklace from Katie Diamond Jewelry | Nina Navajo Tote from Augustina
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