New at Coterie!

When I started dreaming about Coterie, I thought not only of stocking pieces I knew and loved but also having a hand in some original creations. I'm lucky to know some amazingly talented creators. Laura of Newedist is a dear friend and I knew I wanted to work with her in some way from the outset.

Laura began working on some design prototypes way back in the Spring and we went back and forth honing the designs, the shape, the colours. I surprised myself (and, I think, Laura) by reaching for the mustard shade when we went yarn shopping. It has an earthy undertone to me that reminds me of Fall leaves. Plus, I love this colour alongside the other ones we selected, which are more typical of my palette.

It was important to both of us that the wool be soft to wear (I'm pretty sensitive to scratchy wool and have no issues with this 50% Alpaca, 50% wool blend). It was also important that the pieces be, as much as possible, genuinely "one size fit all". As such, Laura designed these Newedist pieces to have enough gentle give that they hold their shape and structure without being tight or restrictive.

I hope this is the first of many exciting collaborations as Coterie grows!

Shop for these new pieces here!
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