No matter what happens today, it's Friday! It's been a derby of a week. I frantically galloped my way through it, not taking in much of the blur around me. I'm trying to will myself to feel less harried this weekend, even though I have lots of pesky errands to run.

I suppose, in the end, it's good I've been so busy because my trip home is so close now I can almost taste the salt air. And the closer it's got, the more my need for it has grown. It seems unfathomable that I'll be there so soon.

Around the blogs, this post on Pennyweight struck me as beautiful in every good way. And even though I quit my own Tumblr a long while ago, I really like Siubhan's, especially Girls on Floral. And here's something my best friend wrote that I thought was quite lovely.

This weekend, I'm going to crack into one of these books to set myself up for a good read over the Atlantic. And I'll dream about looking down and seeing nothing but blue and feeling I can breathe again.

Photo, my own. More here.
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