Getting back to normal around here... I ate some solid food last night, which felt very good. And I've been easing back into my regular exercise routines etc. There's still pain, the nerves in my jaw seem to be rewiring themselves, but I'm getting back to myself and feel this weekend will really set me straight again.

My mind is constantly flitting to Ireland, with my trip under a month away. Even though it's home, and instantly rooted and familiar, I'm awestruck by the idea of it, not to mention an actual holiday. I suppose it's only when I'm about to return that I fully register all I miss and the full force of that overwhelms and fills me with wonder. But there are also weeks full to the brim between now and then...

Some posts I loved recently: This dream new wardrobe post on Miss Moss (I love how utterly unrestrained it is - a complete flight of fantasy, and, of course, perfect in every way) and Anabela's milky pix. I clicked on every single link in this post on Pennyweight and melted into the words Stephanie wrote here - she just knows. Plus, I found another new favourite food blog too, which is a lot less masochistic to look at now than it was a few days ago.

My weekend? I haven't really wrapped my head around it, this week has been so day-to-day, feeling out my feelings, gently touching the bruises. But I really want to get to the farmer's market - I hope I didn't miss the last of the good peaches. And after being holed up all last weekend, I just need to blow off the cobwebs, spend some time in my coffee shop, give myself time to concentrate deeply on some words and ideas.

And you? I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Picture, my own. More here.
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