Yesterday I had those wisdom teeth out and, just as I hoped, it all seemed to go swimmingly. Of course, I'm in pain and I have the prettiest Walter Matthau jowls you did ever see, but it's over and I'm on the road to recovery and very grateful to those who have helped me.

I do have a few links stashed away from this week: I loved this art post over on Katy's blog and I'm completely into food blogs right now (which is hilarious as I'm living off soy pudding). For delectable eye candy and ideas, check out this one and this one and this one too.

One of the thoughts that got me through the surgery was the notion that by the time I feel fully normal again, my trip to Ireland will be not far away. Mum and Dad and I are making plans for a trip to Wales, as well as the West Coast of Ireland. My catapulting thoughts in that happy direction made it easier not to dwell on this week.

There were some good comments on my posts that warrant a response and I regret not being able to engage everyone fully. Something had to give this week! But I am nevertheless appreciative and there was much fodder for thought. I feel like Thursday's post barely skimmed the surface of an interesting exchange and I hope to delve further into it in the near future.

But, for now, rest... Have a lovely weekend!
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