A lovely short week and the start of a new month.

I found myself thinking at length about random things. Yesterday, it was a leisurely meditation on Mrs O'Hanrahan's marmalade. The O'Hanrahans are some of our oldest friends and feel pretty much like family to me. And Brid happens to make my favourite marmalade ever (sorry Mum!) and whenever I visit she toasts me some bread and places Kerrygold butter and marmalade in front of me and I'm happy as a clam. It's been like this always. I would try to get her recipe this Fall, but I'm betting it's all dash and pinch and feeling.

And then I was thinking about those things that make up our little worlds and how these stories, like Mrs O'Hanrahan's marmalade, would never make it into a biography. And surely that makes biographies flawed, necessarily no doubt, but a reduction of the good stuff, of the banal things that really colour in the outline of our worlds. I think blogs are better for this, for capturing that colour in the minutiae of the moment. Hopefully the people whose biographies I want to read in the future are blogging now!

And some lovely things around the blog world of late: Gorgeous dresses from Sofia and a beautiful guest post on Pennyweight. One divine recipe from Ellie and another excellent pizza recipe from this Tasmanian blog (discovered through Laura). This post from Stephanie was from a few weeks back, but I found myself thinking about it over and over.

Can I tell you that despite my easygoing meditations this week, there's a thread of discord running through my days? I feel like I shouldn't pull at that thread just yet and am hoping my trip home in September gives me time to think and figure out what's next. It's clear nothing is manifesting. I feel like I've fought and worked and been patient and listened, but still nothing. The dog days of summer are hard for people craving change and momentum, so I'm trying to bide my time and just enjoy the peaches.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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