Sunday best: Strawberry picnic

It's been a hot weekend. Much as I'd like to come to a full stop, I've been working on some writing projects and running my usual weekend errands. There has also been lots of lovely reading time too.

But, although it's hot, there's been lots of cloud cover and I've been able to spend time outdoors without fear of burning up in the sun. So, I've been taking my work outside with me as much as possible and I even brought a punnet of Ontario strawberries with me and feasted under the sun.

Did your teacher ever take class outside in the summertime? It didn't happen often in Ireland, but I remember a few times sitting in the convent gardens or on the green by the tennis courts. And back then, a sunburn was worn with pride and we would pull our kilts above our knees and roll our socks down to make the most of it. The brightest sun spelled opportunity then.

Now, I'm scared of the sun and cross to shade wherever I can. And I wear long sleeves, even when it's too hot.  Only a sheltered spot will coax me to loiter under high summer rays. But when I do, when I sit on the radiating ground and smell the grass, when I tilt my head back and close my eyes and feel the sun on my face... then, for a moment, I'm that sun-worshiping schoolgirl again.

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