Sunday best: Love and summer

Yesterday, I found myself remembering summer romances in my distant past. I think the hot weather draws those boys into my dreams and it's uplifting to look back now with none of heartbreak but all of those beautiful snapshots intact.

Somehow, I can still smell 4711, which we all went through a phase of wearing when I was younger. One of my friends had a Spanish student who wore 4711 and that's how it got started. We thought those summer Spanish students so beautiful with their brown skin and dark eyes; our watery eyes and pallid skin insipid beside them.

Pippa and Jean and Clare and I tried our best, but we had none of their natural sensuality. Instead, Jean and I would go climbing over rock-pools and swimming in the cove to avoid all that. We would find little shrimp and baby crabs and collect them in buckets to show Jean's Dad who cared about these things. Then we would put them all back.

We still wanted to play with tomboy abandon, to splash and bury each other in sand, to toss seaweed at our older sisters while they sun-tanned and preened. We still begged our Dads to buy us 99er ice-cream cones. But then we saw one of those Mediterranean girls swan dive from a high rock into the water and noticed all the boys look. And we shared an unspoken envy.

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