Sunday best: Hot and cool

It's definitely summer now. And although it's still a mild one by Toronto standards, it doesn't take many degrees above 25-Celsius for me to start feeling hot. Still, I'm embracing hot colours while staying cool. My wardrobe will always be mostly neutral. But a dash of hot pink here and there is really tickling my fancy these days.

I've become officially obsessed with bright nail colours in particular. Deborah Lippmann nail polishes are my current favourite, not just for the shades but for their staying power. Also, the names make me smile. I also love these bright flats. Even this Plain Jane can get behind fun shoes (note: I'm the only one allowed to call myself Plain Jane).

My weekend has been pretty chill. I've been doing more thinking than doing. I spent so much time in the last year thinking about what I wanted to accomplish by my birthday (I know it sounds silly, but it really was that significant a birthday for me). And now that it's over with, I'm at a "what now?" point.

And while I've been also focused for the past 6 months on staying even-keeled, I think I want to push a little harder in some areas. The danger (and fear) of that is that I let myself become obsessed and too single-minded to the detriment of all else. This is always my tendency. But I'm hoping that with that awareness I can work a little harder towards my goals.

I'm also - and this may effect what I do here - thinking of making a concerted effort to shut up sometimes. I know many of you identify with me the most during those honest moments, but sometimes I feel like the outcome is negative for me. It often feels like the one mood or idea I describe becomes a concrete thing by being expressed, becomes an even bigger part of me, when it's something I actually want to diminish, to exorcise even.

After years of talking and feeling that saying things out loud was somehow empowering, I've started to wonder if I'm empowered really. Because it's the last word I would use to describe myself. Maybe I should be choosing to say different things out loud. And I'm not talking about repression or denial; instead simply choosing to quietly reason and feel through some things instead of giving them a manifest life that can then become conflated and concrete and permanent.

And that's where I'm at this Sunday. I hope it's a lovely day for you.

Products: Aviator RB3025-003/3F from Ray-Ban / Aubin & Wills Bethwin cotton-voile dress from Net-a-Porter / Aesa Mosey Pendant Necklace from La Garconne / Pop Life from Deborah Lippmann / Ring (my own) from Andrea Bonelli / Ice lollies via / Tote bag from L.L.Bean / Jil Sander Leather ballerina flats from Net-a-Porter
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