O Friday! O Canada!

Today is, of course, a holiday for us Canadians. This July will also mark my 8th year living here. It's one of those "that long already! / only that long?" feelings. Funny how both can be truly felt simultaneously. I know I talk a lot here about missing pieces of home and about how Ireland shaped me, and that's all true. What I don't say as often is how happy I am here. I hope to eat some Ontario peaches over the sink to celebrate!

My lovely birthday mood lasted all week. I have to thank Tamera for the sweet post she wrote for us June 26th birthday blog girls. And, with the resumption of mail service here, I've been giddy every day to get mail. I'm excited to photograph all the waylaid shop merchandise that's been coming in!

The blogworld was pretty quiet this week, but I did enjoy a lot of time on this blog, (thanks to Samantha for the recommendation). And Anabela and Erin launched an exciting collaboration, Rosegolden, that you'll want to check out. Congrats guys! In other news, I'm really excited for Deborah Needleman's new book. And, can I just show you this picture and tell you I really want to wile away some time in a place like this?

What are you up to this weekend? Happy Canada Day! Have a great one!

Image, my own. More here.
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