Muddled strawberry fizz

One of my favourite summery things to eat is local strawberries, mixed with a mint simple syrup. It didn't ever occur to me until I read the June / July Jamie magazine to add vanilla to this concoction (somehow vanilla and mint don't intuitively go together in my brain). Let me tell you, it works.

On the weekend, I muddled up some mint, vanilla seeds and sugar and cut up some Ontario strawberries to macerate in this delicious syrupiness. Of course, you can eat just that. And, I have to admit only a crazy sort of person could resist a spoonful or five.

Jamie's use for the mix was a cocktail with prosecco. I would happily throw a bottle of champagne at this too. And I'm sure something could be done with vodka too (maybe left to truly marinate in vodka and with some rhubarb bitters thrown in. Crikey, I'm actually salivating). But, I stayed virgin on Sunday and poured a little S.Pelligrino over a few spoonfuls in a glass.

The fragrance of strawberry, mint and real vanilla seeds makes for a heady, heaven-making concoction.
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