Living room

I'm in a redecorating mood, but as always have no budget. The big job I'd like to do is have some built in bookshelves wrapped around my sofa, creating an alcove for the sofa to sit in. I've had my sofa a long time now and I've also started to think about what I might replace it with. It's a purchase that's way down the list, so today's idea is likely to be the first of many.

What I may do sooner is replace my drapes. This is another purchase I've been hemming and hawing about. I really want custom, but balk at the prices. These velvet ones caught my eye and I surprised myself by liking a colour I would usually be wary of.

And, if I ever do get built-ins, I'll finally have space for a dining table. I think this is one area I'd favour economy and buy a modest table that I could cover with a suzani  (let's face it, it will be used for books when I'm not entertaining) or tablecloth when entertaining.

The rest is what I already own. I sortof hate my coffee table but it too is usually covered with books so it just fades into the background. And the fact that it's a nested set is pretty convenient. The colours here are surprising me a little and I wonder if I'll end up with a version of this scheme in my more trademark blues and greens...

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