Inspired by Great Expectations

I always liked the movie Great Expectations, although I'm pretty sure the critics slammed it. The book itself was on my school curriculum and I still carry that intimate knowledge you have of a text read and reread for exams at an age when literature was a tentative love with more eagerness than intuition. It remains one of my favourite rereads.

The movie made its mark on me for different reasons; the palette. And because I've been loving green so much, I found myself thinking of it over the weekend and also thinking of artworks with the same lush verdancy. It's funny how our brains can correlate things with tangential connections, how we grasp something expressed ineffably and weave threads through our own little microcosm of knowledge.

I have more fun making connections that strike a similar emotional chord rather than hitting an ostensive connection between two objects, though I always wonder if it looks like a strange mishmash to others or if those ineffable threads come visible to all. I prefer to think the latter.

Movie stills: Great Expectations (1998), dir. Alfonso CuarĂ³n, Twentieth Century Fox
Paintings: View in the Tiergarten, Berlin (1825) by Carl Blechen | Window (1856) by Anton Dieffenbach | The Parc Monceau (1878) by Claude Monet - all at The MET
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