The dog days are setting in a bit at work and I've been enviously covering for people as they go on holidays. In an earlier flash of genius, I booked my own holiday at the end of September, so I've got a couple of months to wait out yet. Still, it's on my mind and I'm daydreaming about saltwater.

But in another way I love these days too. I'm rereading a book I haven't read in nine years. Then, I worked at Earlsfort Terrace and would sneak into the Iveagh Gardens on every break to cram in a chapter (sitting on the very steps at the back of the picture above, in fact). And so I'm thinking about words and colliding memories and geography and these are all thoughts that make me quite happy.

I uncovered a new-to-me blog this week - Le Projet d'Amour and am greatly enjoying going through its archives. I've also enjoyed reading Kinfolk and am kicking myself I missed out on a hard copy. Speaking of small group gatherings, doesn't Jill's deck dinner look amazing?

I hope you're finding ways to stay cool these days and nights. Happy weekend!

Image, my own. More here.
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