I'm in a quiet kind of mood this week. I've been working hard and mapping out all kinds of plans, keeping my head down. When I'm trying to change routines, it takes concentration at every turn, even on the banal things. Transformation is hard work, even if is is invisible transformation not worth writing home about.

I've been trying to spend a little more time on things, drawing myself out into them a bit more. I like that feeling of exerted concentration. There isn't always time for this, assignments usually come with short deadlines and I've been programmed to ably deal with that. But, it's sometimes more fun for me to do less and do it better than maintain that established fast pace across all I do.

This weekend, I'll be seeking shade (under a tree perhaps?) and quiet, there will be chores and company too. I think there might be a haircut and a trip to the farmer's market as well. It's high summer and everything seems slower, a little laboured but I'm glad of it too, glad to have to slow down.

Have a good weekend!

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