I've had a pretty busy week, with nothing much to report. During quiet moments, I've just been laying low, reading and trying to take in a yoga class or two. So, no tales of adventure or reflections to round up the week.

I was so sad to learn of Cy Twombly's passing this week. He is a favourite artist and just a week ago I was mentally wishlisting some older exhibition catalogues I found on Abebooks (I'm scared to check the prices now).

But there were happy things this week too. The haute couture collections were, as always, a visual treat. I loved Givenchy and Valentino the best. And in more accessible style, Whitney is launching a really exciting new project. I had a wonderful treat this week from Elena who made me this tote for my birthday. I love it! Thanks Elena.

All week, I had dreams of the sea and I was speaking Irish in some of them too, which is sadly rare these days. Today's picture is across the Irish sea from Howth Head, taken last time I was home. More on my Flickr.

Have a good weekend!
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