Sometimes I feel like I imbue the weekends with too much. I tend to wish the weeks away, to put down my head and push through them with some misguided idea that weekends will offer complete respite, relaxation, renewal, retribution.

In all reality, it's probably time I acknowledged the fact that I work seven days a week. Between the store, freelance writing and my full-time job, there is no such thing as a free weekend. And while I love what I do and take full responsibility for designing my life this way, I think I need to get better at enjoying the doing instead of thinking it's going to culminate in some fictional unfettered weekend bliss.

I do enjoy the different pace of work on the weekends. I usually write with a little less pressure and take time to make some photos and think more abstractly about things, to stroll and enjoy my space and friends. But I need to learn to relax in those moments instead of holding on to more traditional concepts of work and play that just don't apply to my life.

In a way, I'm always working. And, in another way, a lot of my work is how I play. This is so true of so many of us. And though I often feel a sense of obligation with regards to volume of work (blogging frequency is a classic example), it's important to recognize that the obligation is really to myself only...

Some quick links from my reader this week: Eilis blogged these beautiful paintings. In fact, her whole blog was on fire this week! And Roseline's favourite five featured artist Michelle Armas (I love this series, Roseline does an amazing job rounding up the best participants). I adored the outtakes from Jordan's D*S house tour. And Chelsea shared this adorable Paris apartment - she had me at that rocking horse!

This weekend, I have a piece to write and I'm pretty excited about. I love the place between idea and execution; the nerves there are butterflies. I want to do a few fun things around my apartment too and spend some time outdoors - maybe take my notebook to the park or take an early morning stroll when it's still cool and quiet.

Happy weekend, friends!

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