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"Where we blog from" took an impromptu break while I was working on the shop launch, but I'm happy to bring it back! It may not be quite as regular as it has been in the past (turns out I'm not very good at corralling sometimes-resistant submissions!) But, I will try to make it more regular than it has been of late.

This week's "Where we blog from" is from Sarahbeth, the talented designer behind Unabashed Apparel. You may remember me blogging about her wonderful S/S collection (here). But she also keeps a wonderful journal where she shares much inspiration. This is where Sarahbeth blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I am so happy that Jane invited me to be a part of this series. I plum adore her blog and I love learning about the spaces people live & work in. Here's mine:

I bought my 1900's farmhouse 7 years ago. One of the things that made me fall in love with it was the rustic gabled upstairs. The only place to stand when you walked up the original red painted steps was on the vintage linoleum covered landing -everything else was floor joists, broken windows, and bare roof. It was a mess, but some sweet original details remained.

Water damage ran down the walls which were covered with 1920s wallpaper and paint. I decided to leave as many details as I could while restoring the space into my apparel design studio. And as I love unique simple vintage design, I get along quite well in my old house. On the antique table on the landing sits my great grandmother's sewing machine.

The center room is my studio proper. I have a cutting block Ikea surface with adjustable legs for my cutting table. I often blog here looking out into the trees and down into my flower gardens. My Rhodie, Vega, has a bed where ever I go. She's an expert snorer.

My sewing machine sits in front of a mammoth inspiration wall. Whenever I get exasperated it helps to look up at all the free spirited images I have in front of me. It reminds me why I took up a needle and thread in the first place.

In one of the side rooms I have a little tea table, chairs and display space. A 1940s recovered white linen chair is a great space for hand sewing or blogging. I love the view into the studio from that angle.

And last, I love to blog in my dressing room. When I have to get away from the piles of fabric, notions and projects calling to me, I sneak downstairs to my oasis. A empty room save a huge (and I mean huge) vintage wardrobe and a candelabra. I've papered the walls with handmade marbled paper. I love the absence of stuff. The lack of things I should put my hands to, clocks, calenders, order slips, invoices. It's just me. And a closet full of my Unabashed creations. It's good to remember what it's all about in the first place.

Thanks so much for having me Jane!

Thanks Sarahbeth!
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