Sunday best: My classics

As I said, I’ve been spendy. I detest that Veruca Salt “I want...” feeling and so a complete break is required. That said, I’ve done pretty well. I stayed within my favourite "beautiful basics" category. And added stuff for my home that I’ve been conscientiously building up to for quite some time.

So, today’s Sunday best is about taking stock. I’m positively evangelical about some new beauty products (isn’t that the best feeling?) and I feel like I’ve filled some holes in my closet. Now that Toronto has decided to have Dublinesque springs, a raincoat makes a wise investment. Have I told you that my absolute favourite thing to wear is this: Jeans, flats, a tank and a mannish cardigan, preferably cashmere? I usually add one of my many scarves.

I’ve blogged before about my uniform. I think the Mackintosh makes a sound addition (did I mention it was on sale at Lark?) In fact the only fictional part of this Sunday best is the earrings. I’m massively in love with them, but they may as well be a kabillion dollars for the likelihood I will invest in them. If I was going to spend that kind of money, I’d probably buy a bed instead... But, it's time for a spending respite.

It often seems this way with me… I find it hard to keep everything balanced all the time. One thing always runs away with itself. It might be exercise or shopping or reading or work. Maybe it’s never felt quite right to have everything in good measure, somehow it feels like a dispassionate, calculated kind of existence. I’m letting it slide because I seem to know when I need to pull back. And because it sometimes serves me well (especially when that tendency is work or creativity-related).

In the past, I’ve often wished I was generally more stable, more even-keeled. But I’ve really come to accept my mutable nature and trust that I have got good inherent weights and measures. Yes, I ebb and flow and sometimes that makes me feel uncertain, moody. But I’ve shaken off that idea that I should have a calm, even-keeled spirit. Because even though I’m a staid Cancerian girl in many ways, sometimes I’m the Mississippi!

Products: Traig Mackintosh from Lark / One-of-a-king earrings from Conroy Wilcox / My ring by Andrea Bonelli / Favourite tank from J.Crew / A.P.C. Classic Cardigan from La Garconne / Bootcut jeans from J.Crew / Bloch Arabian ballerina flats from Gravity Pope / Lipstick from Laura Mercier / Scotch Naturals in Heather Blush / Le Labo fragrance
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