Sunday best: Lilac time

Yesterday was HOT!! I got up early and went to the farmer's market, picking up duck eggs and scones from my favourite (Irish!) baker, all kinds of mushrooms and some Fifth Town Counting Sheep cheese too.

Later BFF came over for lunch. We made a margherita pizza and afterwards had ice-cream cones with Guinness ice-cream from Xococava. It doesn't get much tastier. We talked about moving and finding answers and strolled down leafy streets and breathed in the lilacs.

And we wound up at the flower markets where I bought myself a big armful of lilac so I could bring the day home with me. Being left behind is a strange feeling. Of course, there's sadness. But there's a vicarious fresh start too - like somebody else setting off releases those left behind in some way, or maybe the energy is just contagious.

So today, I'm full of that feeling. That and the heady scent of lilacs. And because I always forget how much Toronto (my neighbourhood in particular) empties out on summer long weekends, I'll probably find it quiet enough at my coffee shop and read my book and wonder.

Happy Sunday!

Products: Crumpet Pointelle cardigan from Net-a-Porter / Sunglasses from Chanel / Strappy Linen Dress from The White Company / Lilac bouquet DIY via Project Wedding / Fragrance from Le Labo / Heather Blush by Scotch Naturals / Blanca Monros Gomez ring from Catbird / Chloe Slingback Sandal from Barneys / Canvas Duck bag from Baggu
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