Right now, a friend from my MA days is here to visit so I'm on hostess duties! I can't believe we're winding down May already. It barely feels like we've had spring at all and I'm definitely not ready to launch into the heat. But it will come regardless of what I want.

I've been ridiculously spendy the last few months and starting a new business hasn't much helped. So, the focus for June will be discipline and financial planning. I've got that trip home in September to look forward to, so that should be motivation enough to bank a few bucks between now and then.

Did you check out the new Pure Green Living mag this week? I love it! (Of course I do with Bess and Michelle involved!) I especially enjoyed the Coriander Girl posy feature and the bookcase on page 55 is straight from my dreams.

Nadia's new home is seriously a slice of heaven. And Abbey has bought her very own slice too. It makes me happy to see people building such lovely lives (and gets me scheming about camping in their gardens). Speaking of which, I love this quote from Bobby McAlpine.

Thanks for Coterie mentions from Design*Sponge (an amazing "Living in Jane Eyre" post by Amy) and Chelsea, who used her striped cup in this stunning arrangement. I've been getting some disappointed e-mails, so... Fair warning: I'm down to single items on a lot of the store merchandise (including many blankets). Thanks, as always, to those who have supported me with blog posts, e-mails and purchases.

What are you up to this weekend? Have a happy, happy one!

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