What a long week - so much rain! Toronto is completely vibrant with green, which (as Irish people well know) is the upside to so much rain. I want the weather to slow down so it stays verdant for many more weeks before the summer burn sets in.

News from home was attention-grabbing this week. I grew up on the tail-end of The Troubles and remember the ups and downs of the peace process, moments of deep disbelief that we could ever overcome history, heated university debates that included many of the key political figures in that process. So, this week was historic. And although I was nervous about it being too, too soon for some, I'm glad the Queen's visit happened. And I'm glad for all she said and acknowledged.

On this side of the pond, I was up to my eyes with work. And, with stock fast moving from Coterie, I've been making new orders and reaching out to new suppliers. It's all still fresh and exciting for me and I nearly feel like I'm playing shop like a little girl still! But I had moments of quiet too and got some writing done and reading as well.

All week, Stephanie's blog had me in book raptures. Most especially, I fell deeply in love with this painting. I loved this wishlist round-up from (a different) Stephanie and was flattered to see some of Coterie's ceramics included in such a beautiful collection. And thank you to Lake Jane, Brandi and Megan for their posts too!

I became addicted to Elephantine the last few days (why wasn't this in my reader?!) and of late have also been loving (a different) Jane's blog, SmallButCharming - besides her gorgeous flower and garden pictures, Jane has the sweetest conversational tone to her writing and within a few posts you just want to have a good gab with her!

Tonight, I'm having a friend over for dinner and we're watching My Left Foot, which I haven't seen in yonks but love to bits (Brenda Fricker embodies every Irish mammy I think). And my BFF is off again so farewells will be bid this weekend too. He's a wandering star and I'm a typical Cancerian, so this will always be the way for us! And, of course, chores will be done and sleep will be caught up on, only to be stolen away again on Sunday night.

What are you up to? Have a lovely weekend!

Flickr image credits: 1. Lake Erie #2, 2. good morning., 3. Untitled, 4. Untitled
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