Around home

One of the pleasures (and dangers) of stocking my favourite notebooks is that I can easily pick out one for myself. When I shot this blue one for the store, it somehow never made it back into its storage place. Perhaps because these notebooks are themselves so beautiful, when I write in them I try to make every word essential and good. This is a special one - I can already feel it!

I am currently I'm currently reading - blown away by - The Bone People (thanks Andrea for the recommendation) and the tea shown is my new favourite and fills my home with the most beautiful scent.

You may have noticed that I've included the Peggy by Mimi Berry in a bunch of different Sunday bests. There are a few reasons for this. I like having recurring items that I love (Bloch flats, Conroy & Wilcox rings are other frequent appearances) because it makes it feel slightly more realistic.

Less innocently, because I knew I wanted to buy it and was maybe building the case for myself. My Peggy arrived yesterday and I love it! And in the evening at the flower market I grabbed this ornithogalum. I hope it lasts because the scent is fantastic.

And we're coming up to strawberry time! I couldn't help but jump the gun and grab some. The spread is milk chocolate with salted caramel butter and the strawberries seem to like it lots. Of their own volition, they launch themselves in there and then into my mouth. This could get to be problematic...

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