Sunday best: New talismans

On Friday, I strolled around my neighbourhood and spent some time browsing in 6 by Gee Beauty. Despite the fact I bought a new Diptyque candle just the night before, I couldn't resist treating myself to the Le Labo Calone candle. I also tried on a couple of perfumes and then continued my stroll.

As the fragrances developed on my skin, I fell a little deeper in love. So much so, that I didn't really want my ritual bath that evening because I didn't wash away the scent. I had two on and at various points of the day one or the other was my favourite (Fleur D'Oranger and Rose 31). But Rose 31 won in the end.

And much as I tried to talk myself out of another treat, on Saturday I found myself back in the store ordering a bottle, which they brew up right there in front of you (even the label is personalized for you. My candle has my apartment number, my fragrance my name).

I also bought a new ring last week, from Andrea Bonelli. My finger has felt so naked without my lost ring. The new one wasn't very expensive and I had been looking at pricier rings, but this one struck me instantly as being very me. Not too precious or delicate.

I feel like I'm spinning myself a new mythology. Issey Miyake was such a scent of my 20's and my lost ring, such a trademark of that time, but in all honesty, I'd outgrown both. I feel like it's time for a new phase. Hopefully a more confident one. Maybe my new ring and perfume are talismans of that new phase? I may have been exposed to too many rosary-wielding women growing up. But, sometimes I really believe a physical (even material) touchstone is important to help reinforce new ideas or dreams. You?

Products: Naked nail polish by Deborah Lippmann / Little Darling lipstick by Nars / Spring Louisa Dress by Steven Alan / Rose 31 by Le Labo from 6 by Gee Beauty / Ring (sold, to me!) by Andrea Bonelli /The Summer Without Men: A Novel by Siri Hustvedt / Thunder in our hearts tote by Fieldguided / Bloch Arabian ballerina from Gravity Pope
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