Olde Bell Inn

I knew about Melin Tregwynt blankets before I ever heard of Ilse Crawford and the Olde Bell Inn. But it was when I saw Crawford's use of Melin Tregwynt upholstery on the benches in the inn (top left) that my love was sealed. And it was inevitable that their blankets would be among the Coterie stock.

I love how the blankets are traditional and contemporary at once, graphic enough to stand in any modern home, yet rugged and cozy enough for a leather armchair in the library of a country house, or at the foot of a bed in a thatched cottage.

Indeed, all the rooms at the Olde Bell Inn have a monastic simplicity that I'm very drawn to. And I can't help but think of that other favourite interior from World of Interiors (which is more aligned with my love of all things Georgian). In many ways, the two together could be a litmus test for everything I buy!

Images from the Olde Bell Inn
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