Introducing: Coterie

I'm so very excited to announce the launch of my webstore, Coterie! I have dreamed of owning a shop since I was a little girl, when "shop" could only mean something built of bricks and mortar and "community" meant our small seaside town in Wicklow.

Coterie started as a idea based around one product: These marbled paper notebooks. They're hand-bound in Ireland and have been my notebook of choice for over a decade. I stockpiled them every time I went home and in desperation considered importing them for myself until it occurred to me, I might not be the only one who hankers for the perfect notebook!

Then I started to think about other things I could offer. And I didn't have to think too hard; I've always had a running list of all those favourite products and makers. And I'm delighted that so many of those makers were excited to work with me too! From textiles to ceramics and wood products, every item embodies an aesthetic that I love and strive for in my own life and home.

In the last six months, I've been quietly squirreling away deliveries, praying for light so I could photograph products, building a website (with amazing help), doing research into businessy things and keeping what felt like the biggest secret from you all. And, in the next few weeks and months, I'll be adding more merchandise, all with the same premise — they're products I have lived with and love.

Coterie means a small group of people with a shared passion. And, until now, it has been literally that - only a tiny handful of patient and supportive people have known about my shop. I really hope that group expands, but I hope the same sense of shared passion remains.

I especially want to thank Todd and Laura for their overwhelming support and help, both emotional and practical.
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