I've been poring over my decor books lately, finding lots of inspiration in my new design mentors (blogged here and here) and a surprising amount of inspiration in family photographs taken at historical homes we toured in Ireland when I was young.

The challenge, and the balance, comes in when trying to apply some of what I love (which is mostly 19th century) to my 1930's Toronto apartment. Although the architecture of the building marks it as a fine deco example, the interior of the apartments reveal no period features.

More than that, my misty palette is decidedly softer than the bright and dark tones of most Irish historical homes, with their deep greens and wines. Somehow, this room (shown above) from Lonny has come to epitomize a sort of sweetspot. I think it's feminine, without being saccharine, and incorporates a lot of traditional design without feeling phony. Is there one particular room inspiring you right now?
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